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State Superintendent candidate Mo Green says race is for soul of public education

Democrat nominee for state superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green.
Courtesy photo
Democrat nominee for state superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green.

State Superintendent candidate Maurice “Mo” Green says that he wants to restore reverence for educators and push for more funding for public education.

In an interview with WFAE's Charlotte Talks yesterday, he said he’s less interested in shifting to performance-based pay than in boosting pay for all teachers.

"Before you get into all these things, incentives and ways to increase compensation, I believe we’ve got to raise the level of compensation, base pay, period," Green said.

Green voiced skepticism about approaches that pull money from traditional public schools — not only the private-school voucher program but the expansion of charter schools, which fall under the oversight of the state superintendent. Green says he supported the concept in hopes that the independent public schools would lead to innovation.

"So the experiment, which I was in favor of saying let’s try it, hasn’t produced the kind of results that suggest to me that we ought to be doing this massive expansion of charter schools," Green said.

In November Green will face Michele Morrow, a MAGA Republican who home-schools her children. Morrow has called public schools indoctrination and socialism centers and said the Democratic platform is, quote, “of the devil.”

You can find the full interview with Green at WFAE.org-slash-CharlotteTalks.