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Public school advocates react to NC Supreme Court's Leandro decision

Wikimedia Commons

Public school advocates are reacting to the news of the North Carolina Supreme Court's decision in the landmark Leandro case.

The court ruled 4-to-3 along party lines to order the transfer of state funds to pay for a plan to improve public schools statewide.

Susan Book is the mother of a Wake County student and a member of Every Child N.C., a coalition that has advocated for full funding of the Leandro plan.

“We're in tears, we're celebrating, we're Tweeting, we're Facebooking, we're TikToking,” she said, “We are ecstatic that this has come to fruition.”

Democrats ruled in favor of spending about $1.75 billion dollars on the settlement.

Republican justices argued the state constitution does not allow the court to force lawmakers to spend tax dollars.

In a tweet, an attorney for Senate leader Phil Berger's office said he thinks the decision will be overturned by a newly seated state Supreme Court.

That's if Republicans win two of the seats currently held by Democratic justices in tomorrow's election.