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Duke to Keep Lacrosse Program, Despite Charges

The president of Duke University announces that he's reinstating the men's lacrosse team. Richard Brodhead suspended the team's season two months ago amid allegations that three players raped an exotic dancer at who performed at a team party in March. Three players have been indicted.

In May, a report from a commission appointed by the university recommended that the school reinstate the lacrosse program. Negative publicity and uncertainty over the program's future have reportedly hurt Duke's recruiting efforts.

Now that the program will be reinstated, the school must find a new coach. Gabe Pressler, who helped turn Duke's lacrosse team into a national power, resigned at the height of the scandal.

From member station WUNC, Rusty Jacobs reports.

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Rusty Jacobs is a politics reporter for WUNC. Rusty previously worked at WUNC as a reporter and substitute host from 2001 until 2007 and now returns after a nine-year absence during which he went to law school at Carolina and then worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Wake County.